Artist working between the UKĀ and the Bahamas.

Installation shot from 'Expulsis Piratis Restituta Commercia' (2014). Part of the Question-Postcolonial Project.
Installation shot from ‘Expulsis Piratis Restituta Commercia’ (2014). Part of the Question-Postcolonial Project.

The idea of positioning: geographically, within a hierarchy, within a system, within your self; is an underlying idea that I explore within my practice. Concerned with cultural and post-colonial identity, I investigate my own interstitial position in life and use my practice as a vehicle to negotiate how my mixed Bahamian and British heritage informs the personal situating of my self. I draw upon shared and personal histories, as well as notions of cultural memory, Otherness, and translation in conjunction with a make/shift aesthetic to create work that isĀ nomadic and encourages ideas of mobility.

I work at understandingĀ the potential for how non-Western cultures can be represented within a gallery setting, given the weight of its Western history. Do Others have to adopt Western contemporary art visual signifiers to be understood within the West? To be made ā€˜palatableā€™ to Western tastes? ā€¦ Or should there be a different aestheticĀ altogether?