Expulsis Piratis Restituta Commercia (2014)

“Expulsis Piratis Restituta Commercia”
Dual-Projection Installation with found objects
Natalie Willis

Part of the ‘Question-Postcolonial‘ practice-based research project, this work was installed and experienced in a white-cube, institutional setting, and took place as an open-crit with the idea of conversation around the ideas encouraged. This is particularly true to and important to the nature of Caribbean art as it focuses on ideas of dissemination and access – stressing the latter as it is a common issue in the region. It is a dual-screen projection installation consisting of two cut pallets facing each other, draped in a sheer canvas that allows for back-projection of the image. On one side is a video of the remains of a ship prop from Disney’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’ that has fallen to ruin in the ocean on the side of the open-water tank in which many scenes of the movie were filmed. On the other side is another video, this one depicting a rusted tin can salvaged from the site, displaced from its original setting and filmed on a plinth moving in time to the waves of the video parallel to it – both videos play in forward and in reverse. The sound of waves from the site of the tank are also present in this work, in this setting alien to it, it is displaced.