Property Inalienable (2014)


Property Inalienable

found pallets, erased map, hanging bulb



I create a portable home from the pallets (the quintessential figure of portability, moving, and globalisation), make-shift materials (made, and shifted) to house a single bare light and an erased map. As if to interrogate or elucidate, the bulb bathes the map and the space in the light and casts shadows, activating the space and including the viewer as part of the work. The title is branded into the grain of the pallet, and ‘Inalienable Property’ becomes a question as well as a statement about crossing borders and nomadic existence. As I feel that I am constantly living in the interstice, between points of arrival and comings and going, my nomadic idea of my self becomes manifest in sculpture.

This work dealt with ideas of home-building very explicitly. It is essentially a tent made of pallets with an erased map as a sort of blanket on the ground and a single, bare light source.

The process of shuffling and moving these pallets around to place them felt quite important to me as they are these things that get shuffled across the globe, platforms for movement in a way. This is why I find them so interesting, they gain ‘character’ and their own sense of narrative by moving and being bumped into and affected by the things shoved on them and by being moved around and this is the affinity I feel like I have with them. In the process of making this work I have wondered that if you could see your ‘self’ if it might not have bruises and be shaped by its experiences in life too.

This home I built was a way of me thinking through how I personally don’t feel ‘rooted’ as such, but feel connected to two places at the same time, existing between them. It was a portable nomadic shelter for my sense of place and home.