Autoethnographic Practice?

Bit of a mouthful, but it’s a term I’ve latched onto recently in thinking about what criteria are inherent within my practice that might enable me to consider what it is that I do as ‘practice-based research’ (or any of the other myriad of names: practice as research, practice led research, research-led practice and the […]

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Conch Shells and Nomadism

Lately I’ve been introducing a bit of collage into my practice as another way of materially thinking through these ideas on nomadism and mobility of the self. There’s something about that process of layering things and juxtaposing them in a 2D form that is rather appealing.. and it’s becoming increasingly popular for diasporic artists. Yinka […]

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Caribbean Visual Culture Conference

The University of Birmingham are hosting a fabulous conference on “Contemporary Caribbean Visual Culture: artistic visions of global citizenship” in June and I have graciously been selected to present my paper. This will be my first time discussing my research and work in this setting, and (terrified as I am) I am thoroughly looking forward to speaking with […]

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Property Inalienable

The York St John MA Fine Art studio social was a success! There was representation across all 3 years of the undergraduate degree, as well as friends and professionals within and outside the university. A good time was had by all! First off, things kickstarted with a crit-a-thon (as we so lovingly called them on […]

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Cultural Cartographies

In my contemplations of nomadism and ideas on portable culture and home (re: Rosi Braidotti) I have revisted the pallet, that trusty old bit of wood we use to lug all manner of things across the globe. Its this idea of transport and notions of an internalized, portable sense of home within the self that […]

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