Between History and Memory – Bar Lane Studios, York. 2012

Between History and Memory

In what is viewed as the post-postmodern or metamodern outlook on contemporary art and all its incantations, it seems the loss of modern ideals, as seen with the movements of dada through minimalism  to neo-expressionism and pseudo-realism, the practice of visual art appears to be at a crossroads. what is now considered art can be a multitude of practices and ideas. the emancipation, as seen with Duchamp’s “The Fountain” is but one factor, however, the historical context remains paramount to any development of forms or movements. as keen as the postmodernists where to cut their ties from Modernists, one is never devoid or removed from these ideas. Old and new concepts are bound together, as the latter often relies on its opposing contrast with the former to establish its meaning.

The show “Between History And Memory”, is created by seven artists looking to muse on the movements and practices before us whilst considering the contemporary landscape of our times. It is with this look to the past that we may understand our place in the present with a subjective appreciation of this constant state of flux.

Artists: Michael Buehler / Johny Haycocks / Bonnie Powell / Rachael Robertshaw / Charlotte Salt / Luc Jones / Natalie Willis.