Illuminating York

So, our dear friend and fellow YSJ Graduate (albeit from before our time, the old fogey) Ritchard Allaway who is currently undertaking the Masters programme with us did some pretty awesome work for the Illuminating York 2013 light-festival.

“Nidhug feasted on the third root, and as he devoured, his fiery breath spread through the tree, consuming all life within its path.” His brief involved an old viking story (appropriate for York!) and I think his contemporary take on this archaic tale worked in its harmonizing of old and new. Good stuff Ritch!

And, courtesy of Ritch, myself and a couple other fab people got some free passes to see some other amazing stuff! I have no doubt in my mind that this deal was sweetened by the fact that Luc helped out in a pink high-vis jacket in the rain and wind, dedicated friend and technician, bless ’em.

Also got to see the amazing 4hr long performance by our lovely Theatre MA girls! Unfortunately, I didn’t have a tripod so my photos weren’t of a good enough quality to be of any use of anyone (the phrase ‘about as useful as a chocolate fireguard’ comes to mind!) but I can assure you it was definitely worth seeing.