The Beginning Of The End..

But maybe that’s just a tad dramatic….

The degree show madness is finally hitting me. After palavers with titles, exhibition themes, press releases (which I had a small part in… Yay for perpetually signing up to do extra work!?), a-n blogs and the like… I do believe I might just go a little insane – but hey, that’s art right? The more unhinged the better… look at Yayoi Kusama, the Japanese dot-goddess willingly put herself into psychiatric care, and she’s doing absolutely fantastic. Not entirely sure if I can say that, but I have now. Oh sweet sleep-deprived stressy delirium is a flighty mistress indeed!

Anyway, let me give you a lil’ bit of a visual timeline of the progress of my ideas for the degree show since last semester…

I’ve taken a shift from the more explicitly post-colonial visuals to dealing more with themes of distance, globalisation and transnational cultural ties. My background research into Stuart Hall’s theories on cultural representation, Homi Bhabha’s post-colonial ‘Location of Culture’, and the work of Yinka Shonibare and Nicholas Hlobo have all – in some way or another – influenced and informed the way my work is now shaping up for the final show.

Everything is well under-way and I’m slowly but surely figuring out what path to set myself on after my BA.. If I survive to see it of course!!